Anup Wasave (born 9 November 2000) is an Indian musical artist[1]. He also known as "Aw" and Composed "FL Studio Album" and more alums under his banner AW Musik[2].

His "One & Two & Three BGM (S/O. Satyamurthy)" is the most played/streamed/viewed song from Aw[3] on Google Play, Spotify & Saavn.

Anup's "Motyachi Maal" has crossed 1K views on JioSaavn within a week[4], this is the first album which have crossed 1K plays on JioSaavn. Also his "Tumse Milne" has crossed 2K plays/views on JioSaavn[5].

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

T Donate that album is not released


Year Name Artists
1 2018 FL Studio Album Aw
2 2018 FL Studio Album 2 Aw
3 2018 Music Maker Jam Album Aw
4 2018 FL Studio Album 3 Aw
5 2019 FLSA Mashup Aw feat. Anup Wasave
6 2019 Instrumental Marathi Hits Aw
7 2019 Out Of The Mind Aw
8 2019 Madness of Music (My Training of 13 Years) Aw feat. Anup Wasave
9 2019 Motyachi Maal (Ganapati Special Song) Aw feat. Anup Wasave
10 2019 FL Studio Album 4 Aw
11 2019 FL Studio Album 5 (T) Aw

Singles Edit

T Donate that album is not released
Album Year Name Artists
1 2018 One & Two & Three BGM (S/O. Satyamurthy) Aw & Devi Sri Prasad
2 2018 Tumse Milne Aw feat. Anup Wasave
3 2018 Dil Ne (Instrumental) Aw feat. Shravan-Nadeem
4 2019 DJ BGM (Dangerous Jaanbaaz) Aw & Devi Sri Prasad
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